Do you have an interest in Australia’s native birds ? Why not come and spend some time with us ?

Australia is a wonderful place to go birdwatching and Yarrahapinni provides an ideal location on the Mid North Coast of NSW to view a the large range of the birds that inhabit Australia’s East Coast.

kookaburra-01Bird watching  is a relaxing pastime allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and explore new places.

For some it is the lure of the chase, striving to see as many Australian bird species as possible.

Still others look upon birds as environmental indicators and use birds to understand how the natural world is changing.

Whatever your interest is in birds, Yarrahapinni Homestead provides you with the perfect place to spend a few days pursuing this very enjoyable pastime.

We are indebted to one of our past bird loving guests who has catalogued for your information the birds that are to be found in our immediate vicinity. Neil & Susan Lamb from Florida USA spent several days with us and have produced the following list of birds they spotted in our region :

Birds of Yarrahapinni Homestead and Vicinity

Come and spend some time with us and help build on the list of birds sighted by Neil & Susan

Additional Birds as identified by Noel & Margaret Harradine

Birds of Yarrahapinni and District observed by Noel and Margaret Harradine

Click the following link to see some of the bird photos that Neil captured whist visiting Yarrahapinni Homestead

More Birds